Celebrating Wonder Women Everywhere

Who are Your Wonder Women?

We’re talking parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. With m2m, you can celebrate them, while also supporting Wonder Women like our inspiring Mentor Mothers who are creating health and hope in their community.

Here are three ways to get involved!


What better way to honor the special people in your life than by making a donation in their names to help transform the lives of families in sub-Saharan Africa? We will tell them how much you care by sending them a beautiful card

Although the minimum donation per card is $15, we encourage you to donate even more in celebration of Wonder Women everywhere! The deadline to order physical cards is Tuesday, May 6th, while the deadline for e-cards is Thursday, May 9th


Celebrate the Wonder Women in your life by bringing them together and hosting a Wonder Women Celebration. Whether it is with cocktails, tea, brunch, or other festivities, you can celebrate them while also making a difference! Get started by downloading the Wonder Women Celebration Toolkit. 


Partnerships are woven into m2m’s DNA, and we know our efforts would go even farther with you as a champion for the health and wellbeing of African women and their families. If you’d like to hear more about how you can partner your business with m2m to benefit women and families in sub-Saharan Africa, please contact Kate Miller at kate.miller@m2m.org.


Please email us@m2m.org with any questions.