Located in the heart of East Africa, Kenya is the financial and trade hub of the region. It has been critical for m2m to pursue expansion and service delivery in a country where young women between 15 and 24 are four times more likely to be infected than their male counterparts, and where the HIV prevalence rate among women of all ages is nearly double the rate for men.

OVERVIEW: (As at January 2018)
Programme Inception 2008
m2m Sites 1
Site Coordinators 1
Mentor Mothers (in health centres) 4
Community Site Coordinators 6
Community Mentor Mothers 12
KMMP Sites 399
Adult HIV prevalence* 5.4%

mothers2mothers (m2m) began providing Mentor Mother services in Kenya in 2008. Since then, m2m has educated and supported more than 100,000 HIV-positive mothers. 

In 2012, Kenya became the first country to adopt the Mentor Mother Model on a national level. Developed by the Ministry of Health in consultation with m2m, the Kenya Mentor Mother Program (KMMP) is the centerpiece of Kenya’s national framework for eMTCT (elimination of mother-to-child transmission). m2m has trained 20 partner organisations and two counties that are implementing the KMMP at 399 KMMP sites located in 33 of 47 counties.

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Through the KMMP, m2m:

  • provides technical assistance to the government
  • builds the capacity of partners and county governments implementing the KMMP
  • delivers Mentor Mother services at model sites

“I always feel so fulfilled when I meet a mother who first came to us as a reluctant client, then goes on to have a baby free of HIV.”

– Rebecca Wangari, Mentor Mother Team Leader

* UNAIDS Country Fact Sheet, 2016